Educator has water bottle spiked in school, MUT condemns behaviour

A ministry spokesperson says the case is being handled by police

A teacher at San Ġorġ Preca College secondary school in Ħamrun needed medical treatment after her water bottle was spiked with an unknown chemical. 

The Malta Union of Teachers issued a statement on Friday regarding the incident, stating that it is in communication with the victim, the school, and the Ministry of Education. 

According to the union, the school and ministry have already taken action to identify the culprit, while the victim is currently in good health. 

A spokesperson from the education ministry said that the case has been reported to the police, but did not divulge any details. 

LovinMalta earlier reported that the incident happened last Monday after the teacher drank some water from her own bottle. According to the portal, she allegedly began to foam at the mouth and vomited.

Laborary tests indicated that a chemical had been added to her drink, but it's unclear what this chemical was.