Refalo retains historical stone marker despite police, Superintendence intervention

Minister whose Qala home contains historical British-era milestone says he has cooperated with police and the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage 

Agriculture Minister Anton Refalo has confirmed a British-era stone still resides at his home in Qala, and that he is cooperating with the police and heritage authorities about its rightful palce.

The British-rule stone marker, with the Victoria Regina inscription, was revealed on social media and raised questions as the legality of its possession by the Gozitan minister.

Questioned by journalists on Thursday, Refalo defended his position, saying that he co-operated with the police and the authorities. “At this stage I have nothing to add,” insisted Refalo with Times of Malta. “I did not abuse of my position. National heritage is close to my heart and I co-operated with the Superintendent for Cultural Heritage and the police.”

“The stone marker is still at my place, next to the pool,” Refalo said.

Back on 18 February, Refalo said he had invited the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage to visit his house and see the stone marker.

Refalo claimed that “everyone knows” his love for Maltese cultural and historical heritage, defending himself by saying he would do his utmost to promote its preservation.

The Superintendence for Cultural Heritage had confirmed the artefact was indeed at his Qala home. It had been also revealed that police interrogated the minister over the artefact.

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