Full-scale aircraft accident exercise to be held at MIA on 8 November

The exercise will not affect any flights

The Malta International Airport will be holding a full-scale aircraft accident exercise on the 8 November.

The exercise, which will be held in the evening, will bring together national stakeholders and other entities that would be involved in the response to a real-life emergency scenario at Malta International Airport (MIA).

Full-scale exercised are held every two years, in line with the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) requirements, with the aim of determining the level of preparedness of all entities to respond to a crisis, as well as testing the communications systems and emergency resources in place.

A MIA spokesperson said the exercise will not affect any flights at that time.

“Additionally, Malta International Airport would like to remind the public that unusual activity, including several emergency vehicles being driven towards the terminal, should not cause alarm,” the statement read.