Outrage on Comino: Hili Ventures ‘welcomes public interest’ on villa project

Company developing new 71-suite hotel and bungalow project says it will create ‘world-class sustainable’ complex that respects environment

A render of how the Comino village complex is set to look once built
A render of how the Comino village complex is set to look once built

HV Hospitality Ltd, the subsidiary of Hili Ventures and owner of the Comino Hotel & Bungalows, has reacted to outrage on its forthcoming Comino redevelopment by saying it will be a ‘world-class sustainable’ project.

It said the new hotel, comprising 71 suites and 19 serviced bungalows, will be operated as a singular facility, targeted solely at travellers seeking rest and relaxation at sustainable properties.

NGOs have submitted an appeal against the Environment and Resources Authority’s decision to approve the project, and called on the public to oppose plans.

They argued that the development would be incompatible with Comino’s status as a Rural Conservation Area, Nature Reserve, Special Area of Conservation, Special Protection Area, Important Bird Area, Natura 2000 site, Bird Sanctuary, and Dark Sky Heritage site.

They added that the influx of heavy equipment, construction materials, and workforce would cause a significant environmental impact and destroy natural habitats, and also raise concerns about increased traffic in the area.

The public has until 23 January to submit objections to the development through the online form.

HV Hospitality said that in its redevelopment of the existing properties it was committed to producing a “world-class sustainable tourism product” that respects the environment and stands up to close scrutiny.

“In planning the project, the company engaged with all local authorities and stakeholders, including NGOs, to ensure that the hotel’s redevelopment is carried out in a sensitive and sensible manner,” the group said.

“HV Hospitality remains committed to engaging with all stakeholders and will continue to participate in the planning process fairly, transparently, and with full respect for its obligations to respect and uphold Comino’s Natura 2000 status.”