Police did not find any underage youth in a Paceville club in a whole year

PN MP and former St Julian's mayor Albert Buttigieg invited the Home Affairs Minister to visit the area and see for himself

Not one single person under the age of 17 was found by police in a Paceville club in 2022, according to Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri.

PN MP and former St Julian's mayor Albert Buttigieg had submitted a parliamentary question to Camilleri, asking for the total number of underage people that were found by police in Paceville and St Julian’s bars and clubs.

“According to Minister Byron Camilleri, between January and December 2022, the police did not find any underage persons in any Paceville clubs. Is that even possible – in a whole year?!” wrote Buttigieg on Facebook.

He invited the Minister to pay a visit to the entertainment hub and the police to act more proactively on the matter.

Buttigieg said he hopes that for the other question he submitted, with regards to how many minors were caught drunk or drinking alcohol, the Minister could provide a more “realistic” answer.

Any person under the age of 17 is prohibited from consuming alcohol and from entering any establishment that sells alcohol.