48 hours since Vitals-Steward judgement: Government did nothing but defend itself, Grech says

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech scolds Prime Minister for his 'unwillingness to safeguard the national interest' 

It has been 48 hours since the court delivered its judgement on the Vitals-Steward case, yet the government has done nothing since and the Prime Minister is trying to defend his actions, Opposition leader Bernard Grech said on Sunday.

Grech was addressing a political activity titled 'Rebħa għal Malta' at the PN Headquarters. 

He stated that all of this demonstrates the government's unwillingness to safeguard the national interest.

"If it had a strategy to preserve the national interest, it would not have issued a statement of a few lines, but a comprehensive plan of what comes next," Grech proclaimed.

Since the judgement, the government only issued a statement saying it is “analysing” the annulment of Steward hospitals concession agreement.

On Friday night, Prime Minister Robert Abela joined Chris Fearne in saying he played no role in the deal, contrasting what former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said when shifting the blame on the cabinet of the time.

Abela further stated that the government will not challenge the decision but will file a court application to reduce the time-period for appeal.

“You have the audacity to tell us this is your only solution?” Grech said in response to Abela's comment.

The PN Leader claimed Robert Abela was lying when saying he had nothing to do with the deal, as the Prime Minister defended the deal on several occasions.

“You coward! If you were a real man, you would have admitted to the mistake, and sought a remedy, immediately once appointed Prime Minister.”

Grech recalled how three PN leaders – Simon Busutill, Adrian Delia and himself – in Parliament, had appealed the government to stop the contracts, with the government voting “in favour of this corrupt deal,” instead.

Ultimately, Grech supported Adrian Delia's cry for unity, congratulated him for his work in winning the lawsuit and once again invited people to join the PN outside parliament on Monday.