‘Manuel Delia is not the PN’, Nationalist MP Alex Borg says in Facebook missive

Gozitan PN MP Alex Borg called Manuel Delia a 'small man dangerously posing as a pseudo-intellectual' after Delia compared ex-PN MP Franco Debono as a 're-emerging tumour'

Ex-PN MP Franco Debono (left) and PN MP Alex Borg (right)
Ex-PN MP Franco Debono (left) and PN MP Alex Borg (right)

PN MP Alex Borg has called out blogger Manuel Delia for describing ex-MP Franco Debono as “a re-emerging tumour.”

On Monday, Delia wrote about Debono, and the fact that he has recently been making headlines.

This seemingly irked Delia as he wrote, “But oh my God, Franco Debono is on the agenda again. He comes back like a re-emerging tumour, for some time too small for scans, and before you know it too big to carry.”

Delia further questioned Debono’s involvement in the PN.

This prompted a Facebook post by Gozitan PN MP Alex Borg, who stated that, “Manuel Delia doesn’t know what a tumour is.”

Borg said that Delia’s words were hateful, as he went on to describe him as, “a small man dangerously posing as a pseudo-intellectual.”

The Gozitan MP went on to say that Delia is not the PN, and described him as, “an agent of division,” likening him to Labour’s media arm, One.

Likewise, Franco Debono did not hold back, as he described Delia’s blog as hate speech.

“Ten years ago Manuel Delia tried everything to take my seat in the fifth district,” Debono jabbed.

The ex-PN MP also spoke about Daphne Caruana Galizia,  saying that, “since she opened her blog, the PN never won an election, The tradition of hate blogs was continued by Manuel Delia. The PN continued to lose…” 

Debono said that he would not be intimidated by Delia.