Busuttil calls for help for refugees stuck on Tunisia-Libya border

Member of European Parliament Simon Busuttil has called for further help for people and refugees who are still stuck on the Tunisian border with Libya. 

Speaking during a debate on the EU’s support for refugees in Tunisia, Maltese MEP Simon Busuttil, said that from the three-quarters of a million people that escaped Libya into Tunisia, there are about 70,000 Libyans and about 50,00 refugees left.

“The European Parliament delegation I led experienced the harsh conditions in this area first hand - extreme temperatures reaching 50'c and sandstorms in which one could barely keep his eyes open. We were there for 2 days, but the refugees we met have been there ever since. We have to act in order to address this situation.” he said.

Busuttil - who led a European Parliament delegation to the border between Tunisia and Libya last July - said these refugees cannot be sent back home, cannot be sent back to Libya at this moment and cannot be left in their current state either. He added that he hoped that the situation in Libya would return to normal in order for the refugees to return to their normal lives.

However, he said that in the meantime the EU should step in to help, even because countries such as the United States are doing much more, putting “Europe to shame”. At the same time he also praised organisations such as UNHCR which are working there.

He also said that if these refugees are not helped they might end up trying to come to Europe in an irregular manner, thereby risking their lives. 

I fully agree that better relief services must be provided by the EU to the displaced persons on site. This is what solidarity and humanitarian aid should be all about. If nothing is done the pressure on them to attempt the unsafe crossing to Europe will become more determined and desperate and with Lampedusa being declared an unsafe port more are likely to end up our way.
Empty vessels make most sound
Hafna paroli Mr. Busittil. All you EURP MPs do is talk talk and talk and no one seems to be listening. Where are the northern Europeans in all f this. WHere is Malstrom. As I say and always says, it's all about empty talk and some of you know how to talk more than others, but with no results.
Why don't you speak to the ones who intervened in getting rid of the dictatore, or their only interest is sucking the Libyans after flattening their country? What are our brothers doing to help Malta and Italy in our hour of need? Are these countries being compensated for taking care of the large numbers of these unfortunate people? Aren#y we on the edge of the cliff (financially)?