European Parliament approves Busuttil's amendments to 2012 budget

The European Parliament approved amendments to the EU's 2012 budget presented by MEP Simon Busuttil marking an important increase in EU spending on immigration once again.

The amendments increase the financial resources for border protection and asylum instruments, including for Frontex and for the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) which is in the process of being fully set up in Malta.

The amendments concerning Frontex restore the agency's budget to the amount originally envisaged by the Commission, after this was slashed by the Council.

Moreover the amendments provide for a review of Frontex's budget during the first half of 2012 when, following the entry into force of the new Regulation, the agency would be able to consider purchasing its own assets and technical equipment.

The amendments on the Valletta-based EASO agency increase its budget over what the Commission envisaged for 2012 and restored the budget to what was originally foreseen for the agency when it was being planned.

Welcoming the endorsement of the amendments, Busuttil said that the path has now been set for EASO and Frontex to have the means that they need to function properly.

"I am glad that Parliament intervened on this because you cannot expect agencies to work more effectively whilst at the same cutting their budget."Busuttil said.

Other amendments presented by Busuttil restored the budget of the External Borders Fund, the Return Fund and the financial instrument for cooperation with third countries in the areas of migration and asylum, after these too were cut by Council.

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WE maltese really nifirhu bix xejn. Why is Busittil on Cloud 9 becuase he requested and got some funding. Is this so that we can take on more illegal migrants and have them live here forever. Maltese are always blinded by a little money thrown at them. We need to change that type of attitude.