GRTU hails Budget 2012, 'puts country on the right track'

Chamber for SME’s (GRTU) has described Budget 2012 as an excercise that puts the nation on the “right track” and distances the country from trouble.

In a statement GRTU praised finance minister Tonio Fenech's announcement last night that government was exerting extreme caution in expenditure, as the country cannot afford to be anchored to self inflicted deficits, which have led to the crisis within the eurozone.

GRTU expressed itself satisfied that Budget 2012 included "positive" incentives for business, and small business, by accepting GRTU's proposals for guarantees over micro-credit schemes.

The Chamber also expressed itself satisfied at fiscal measures which are specifically aimed at allowing parents to have more disposable income through an innovative change in income tax computations.




GRTU is happy that the general retail market in Malta is at complete liberty to do and act by the 'might is right' political philosophy. No fiscal discipline, very few monitoring and nonexistent penalties really exist. All this to the detriment of the vulnerable and law abiding conumers.
One would have thought that with departure of Gejtu Vella the UHM would become more balanced but apparently gonziPN found a new puppy to lick his hands and bring him his slippers. Should have known better, what a disappointment.