Vehicle-hire services regulations published for public consultation

Transport Ministry publishes draft regulations to consolidate regulations governing the vehicle hire sector for four-week public consultation.

The Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications is publishing draft regulations to regulate the hire of motor vehicles on the road.

These regulations will follow reforms undertaken in sectors such as buses, taxis, electric taxis, water taxis, trackless trains, hearses, minibuses and coaches.

The ministry said that the publication of the draft regulations is a result of extensive consultation and discussions between Transport Malta and vehicle hire and rental organisations, represented by the Rent-a-Car Association and the Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin, together with other government authorities, including the Malta Tourism Authority, the Malta Insurance Association and the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority.

The consultation period will be open for four weeks during which the general public as well as interested stakeholders will be in a position to forward their comments and recommendations on the proposed regulations.

“The aims of the Regulations is to combine and streamline the rules governing the vehicle hire sector and to improve the quality of the service, and for this purpose the draft regulations establish a number of responsibilities for operators who are granted an authorisation to operate by Transport Malta to ensure a high standard of service,” the ministry said.

Operators will also be required to appoint a ‘designated person’, who will continuously and effectively manage the operation of the vehicle hire service, and together with the operator, will be held liable to any penalties resulting from breaches of these regulations, which may also lead to the revocation of the authorisation.

The regulations will also include a minimum set of service standards to be complied with, including amongst others, high vehicle standards, clear information to clients on the conditions of the hire, applicable fees, type of vehicle insurance cover and the replacement of vehicles in case of breakdown, accident or theft.

Other obligations will include the maintaining of proper records through an operating centre and the setting up of premises to serve as a point of contact from where to provide basic services to clients.

The draft regulations can be downloaded from: vehicle-hire-services-regulations

Feedback on these regulations will be received up till 10 August 2012 and can be sent by email on [email protected] 

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