AD says Prime Minister has lost control

Alternattiva Demokratika says Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi has lost control in light of recent developments and calls for immediate general elections.

AD say they would be the responsible choice as PN and PL mirror each other in attempting to suit everyone's needs
AD say they would be the responsible choice as PN and PL mirror each other in attempting to suit everyone's needs

Alternattiva Demokratika said that in view of latest political developments, an immediate general election is necessary and guaranteed that MPs elected on its behalf will act in a responsible manner.

During a press conference held in Valletta, AD Secretary General Ralph Cassar said that the currently political situation shows that Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi has “lost control”.

"The Nationalist Party's strategies based on misleading the public on issues such as the 'Mistra' scandal, and its attempt to portray itself as the party of hunters and the party of environmentalists, the party of religious zealots and that of a more liberal attitude, the party of big business and at the same time the party defending residents has backfired and failed badly,” Cassar said.

PN’s attempt at being everything to everyone is also being mirrored by the Labour Party according to Cassar.

“Like the PN they are the party of speculators, strong lobbies and dirty energy. The fact that the other two parties are wasting everybody's time bickering about petty issues and avoiding discussing real policy issues shows that in fact they are one and the same.

Cassar explained that they are both part of a system that wants to keep the status quo. “The only way to send them a loud and clear message and that we don’t want to be part of their silly games is to vote Green."

AD Deputy Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said that a parliament based on two political parties is unstable as has been confirmed in recent happenings.

“The resignation of Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando from his PN membership coupled with the declarations from Franco Debono that he will not support Government until such time that Austin Gatt remains minister signifies that the last days of this Government will remain characterised with pique and unnecessary conflict,” Cacopardo said.

Cacopardo said that this was sending out a message of instability which in the midst of an economic crisis, will not be helpful in creating work or attract investment.

Professor Arnold Cassola, AD Spokesperson for EU and International Affairs, said it was important for all Maltese citizens to be facilitated in their right to vote with upcoming general elections.

“With regards to Maltese citizens living abroad, arrangements should be immediately undertaken to set up facilities for them to vote at the nearest embassy or consulate,” Cassola said.

Cassola said that where mobility has become an important feature every citizen's lifestyle, it is ‘scandalous’ that Maltese citizens are still being taken to court by political parties to be disenfranchised of their vote.

“The PL and any other political party trying to disenfranchise these voters are going against the recommendation of the Constitutional court.   Indeed, this issue should have been settled years ago, in March 2003, in the Cassola constitutional case, where the Presiding Judge defined residence ‘not necessarily as physical presence in the country but as habitual presence’.”

Cacopardo said that as a responsible political party AD in parliament will be loyal to the government’s programme agreed upon.

“AD in Parliament will be guided by the national interests and will ensure that its eventual MPs do not act out of spite or pique,” he said.

He pledged that Members of Parliament elected on behalf of AD will put forward positive proposals and will shun individualism and strive for teamwork.

“AD considers that the current political situation necessitates an immediate general election which is required in the national interest,” Cacopardo said.

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Johann Zammit
AD must criticize the GonziPN system more agresively. Most of the people are not happy the way they want us to live,we don"t want the government to get involve in our personal life.

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