French student steals scooter, goes joyriding and ends up in court

A French student was conditionally discharged after he pleaded guilty to stealing scooter and driving it while under the influence of alcohol.

A French student studying English in Malta ended up in court this afternoon after he stole a scooter and went joyriding. In the drunken state he was, the 18-year-old student didn't go too far as he crashed and was subsequently arrested by the police.

The case happened at around 5am.

The student appeared in court with his face covered in bruises and a banded hand. Streaks of blood stained his clothes and shoes.

He was conditionally discharged and ordered to pay €150 for the damages caused to the scooter and €2,329 after he tested positive to the breathalyser test.

Lawyer Lucio Sciriha appeared for the student while Inspector Saviour Baldacchino led the prosecution.

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