Comino lifeguards faced with two serious accidents over the weekend

Lifeguards stationed at Comino had a busy weekend due to the amount of of rescue operations performed

One of the lifeguards assisting an injured swimmer.
One of the lifeguards assisting an injured swimmer.

The Emergency Response and Rescue Corps lifeguards were busy assisting swimmers in Comino and Ramla during the busiest weekend this summer.

Lifeguards stationed in Comino reported two major separate cases, the first involving a foreigner who suffered a spinal injury near Kemunett and who was stabilised by ERRC lifeguards, andanother person who sustained a head injury.

Both casualties were transported by means of the ERRC hydroambulance, Lifesaver 1, to Mgarr Harbour in Gozo, then to Gozo General Hospital.

Furthermore, ERRC lifeguards also assisted a number of other swimmers who found themselves in difficulty while swimming at the Blue Lagoon.


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