Baby Roselana laid to rest

Young mother attends funeral as Cottonera community congregates at the parish square to bid farewell to nine-month-old baby girl.

Baby Roselana was laid to rest today, four days after she tragically died.
Baby Roselana was laid to rest today, four days after she tragically died.

Baby Roselana was this morning laid to rest four days after she tragically died drowned in a bath. Prayers were said in memory of the nine-month-old baby as family and friends paid their respects at the Immaculate Conception Parish church in Cottonera.

Present for the funeral was also her mother, a 17-year-old girl who appeared distraught and extremely emotional.  

Baby Roselana was laid to rest in a small white coffin, carried by her father.

Yesterday, the young mother was arraigned in a court of law accused of involuntary manslaughter. Pleading not guilty to the charges, she yesterday urged the court to let her see her daughter one last time today.

The court ordered that the woman be kept at Mount Carmel Hospital's forensic unit.

The defence, which demanded she be freed from arrest and allowed to live with her parents - who are separated - was met with opposition from the prosecution.

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