Joseph Muscat promises whistleblower act

Labour leader Joseph Muscat promises a whistleblower act which will provide protection to whoever uncovers political corruption.

Labour lkeader Joseph Muscat.
Labour lkeader Joseph Muscat.

A new Labour government will introduce a Whistleblower act and protect whoever will unveil political corruption, Labour leader Joseph Muscat said.

Speaking in Qormi on Saturday evening, Muscat said that a new Labour government will not lay the BWSC saga to rest and promised that the whistleblower act will be one of the first laws a new Labour government will enact.

"Who is ready to unveil political corruption under a new governmnet will be treated like they would be in other countries, they will be protected and the wrongdoers will have to pay for their deeds," Muscat said.

A Whistleblower Bill has been on Parliament's agenda for months, however it has not been given priority by governmnet and it is very unlikely that the law will be enacted before the general election.  

He also warned that the Nationalist government is attempting to use its power of incumbency to regain power.

"Don't give in, don't let them scare you. Do not buy into their wild promises. If they do offer you a promotion take it because, remember, you'll be alone in the polling booth," Muscat said to the party faithful.

He pointed out that while the government is busy playing musical chairs, Labour will offer "serenity and a future which unites us all."

Muscat said the new middle class promised by Labour means that the current middle class is given a new lease of life and those who fell in the trap of poverty are given a hand to get out of poverty and join the middle class.

"The key to this is businesses. The private sector and self-employed are essential for the creation of wealth," Muscat said.

The Labour leader added that excessive bureaucracy and the steep energy bills are scaring foreign investment away from Malta.

He said the recently published World Bank report, on which Gonzi has kept mum, confirms this.

Muscat explained that World Bank report said that Malta is the worst country in the whole of Europe, including countries outside the EU to open a new business.

Muscat said the Nationalist government is deaf to the plight of the self-employed.

"We are the movement of work, that is what the Labour Party always was. We will both place workers and employers against each other, they must work together to create jobs and wealth.

A new Labour government will bring serenity back. We will take on bureaucracy in an unprecedented fight against excessive regulations and make life easier for the private sector to flourish.

He said unemployment was on the rise, and pointed out that figures for last month show a 5% increase over September of last year and was the seventh consecutive month in which unemployment figures increased.

On the BWSC saga, Muscat explained that Labour warned the government not to invest in the BWSC heavy fuel oil powered extension.

He criticised the government's decision to pay off most of the extension before it has been handed over to the government.

"Do you young persons, pay a car dealer before you have even turned the car on?"

Warning that the issue will not be put to rest by a new Labour government, Muscat said this is a sad situation which is "endangering jobs which belong to the Maltese people." He added that investment and economic development has also at risk because of the Prime Minister's wrong decisions.

Among the speakers who addressed the crowd of Labour supporters in Qormi, was former PL secretary-general Jason Micallef who threw his weight behind Labour leader Joseph Muscat's bid to become Prime Minister.

The decision by Labour's former secretary-general Jason Micallef to announce his candidature this summer, shocked Labour's kitchen cabinet but the party's top brass are reluctant to ask him to resign from his post as chairman of Labour's broadcasting arm One TV.

Micallef has strained relations with many of Joseph Muscat's lieutenants and his relations with the party leader are considered to be far from good.

However, Muscat bore a large grin as Micallef sang his leader's praises in a rousing speech which hailed Muscat's leadership qualities and ideals.



Ghid li il gimgha d-diehla l-gvern ser iressaq il ligi ta Whistle Blower Act fil Parlament, l-istess bhal ma ghamel meta Joseph semma li hekk kif ikun fil gvern ser idahhal il ligi ta l-IVF. Joseph leads Gonzi follows.