Three people, two dogs rescued by AFM – third dog dies

A boat carrying three persons and three dogs capsizes near Comino – one dog dies.

The second rescue operation carried out by the Armed Forces of Malta today. (Photo: AFM)
The second rescue operation carried out by the Armed Forces of Malta today. (Photo: AFM)

The Armed Forces of Malta this morning rescued three persons and three dogs after their boat capsized near Comino.

At 11.40 am, the Operations Centre of the AFM was informed that a boat capsized in the vicinity of Comino. Onboard the vessel were two men and a woman together with three dogs.

The first assistance was given by a passing boat whilst the AFM's Operations Centre dispatched the Gozo based Patrol Boat P32 whilst an Alouette IIIB helicopter that was conducting training over Selmun, was also scrambled to the scene.

The AFM helicopter landed on Comino where an Air Wing rescuer assisted the victims who appeared in good health. Two of the victims were taken to Mater Dei hospital for further medical treatment.

With the help of members of the public close by two of the dogs were rescued. Unfortunately, the third dog was found dead.

This is the second rescue operation by the AFM today were earlier 82 migrants were saved from rough seas.

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Joseph MELI
Great work as always by the AFM .However,I have a couple of questions :- 1.Didn't the occupants of the boat get the weather forecast before they embarked on their journey? 2.Did they have all the required safety equipment on board including all life-saving personal floatation aids(which should include those for ALL the occupants, animals-dogs,in this case?).

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