No incidents with bus fire

Passengers exited safely from bus as driver takes matter in hand.

A fire broke out on a route bus, number 235, servicing Route X2.

The driver saw smoke exiting from the rear of vehicle and drove the bus to a place outside the University of Malta, where passengers could exit safely. The bus driver was in touch with the Arriva control room all the time and the Civil Protection was called in immediately.

The fire was located and contained within the engine compartment. The driver and an Arriva mechanic who was on site, controlled the fire using extinguishers from the bus itself and other buses in the area until Civil Protection personnel arrived and finally extinguished it.

No passengers were hurt in this incident.  Engineers are now examining the bus to determine what caused the fire.

"The driver is to be commended for his actions in ensuring the safety of his passengers and controlling the situation," an Arriva spokesperson said.

"No incidents"? Isn't the fire itself an "incident"?