Leo Brincat demands high environmental standards from developers

Malta currently not on track for EU2020 strategy

During a meeting with the Malta Developers Association, Environment Minister Leo Brincat said one of the priorities of his ministry is to reach the highest environmental standards possible. 

"Currently we are among the worst when it comes to air pollution, alternative energy, waste management and other targets of the EU2020 strategy." Brincat said. 

During the meeting, which was set up on request by the MDA, Brincat said better quality of life could be achieved by having sustainable development.

"By sustainable I mean environmentally, economically, socially and culturally," the minister said.

Brincat noted sustainable development should not be hindered if it is done in a structured way where it's beneficial both to the environment and the investor.

He said he considered developers to be key players rather than arch enemies.

Both sides agreed there is room for consultation and dialogue between them, even though there might be conflicting views. 

The minister also metioned the frequent EU council meetings which are focusing on several environmental issues, with air quality and bio diversity as rising concerns. 

On behalf of the Developers' Association, former MP Michael Falzon emphasised the need to have policies that are consistent rather than contradictory in certain aspects.

"Legislation on an EU level should not be 'one size fits all'," he concluded.

The meeting continued behind closed doors.

Minister Brincat the government can start by putting the Whistle Blower Act into effect. Then people can report the developers, contractors and builders who dump their discards anywhere they please without being harassed. Many contractors do not care where they dump their discards and every citizen has the obligation to report such actions. Maybe an anonymous phone number can be initiated just for this purpose. The last report of a known contractor discarding construction waste was reported in Gozo?