'Poverty: a reality that was not addressed' - Coleiro Preca

Family minister says the increase in utility tariffs severely influenced the poverty line in Malta.

Family Minister Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.
Family Minister Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

In an interview with sister newspaper Illum, Family Minister Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca rubbished claims that poverty is “just a perception.” 

“Poverty in Malta is a monster, not a perception. The indicators have long been present, but unfortunately the previous PN government opted to ignore the circumstances and consequently, the increase in poverty was not anticipated and remedied,” she stressed.

The minister said the increase in utility tariffs severely influenced the poverty line in Malta.

As a result, during the last budget the government sought to address this issue by reducing the utility tariffs. Coleiro Preca said that future budgets will seek to completely abolish the poverty problem in Malta.

Despite being in politics for over 40 years, Coleiro Preca still managed to achieve 5,800 first count votes last March. Asked on the secret behind her success, the minister explained that she is a “minister of the people” and that deep-down she is just “a normal citizen, but with more responsibilities.”

“Politicians are duty bound to listen to the people as it is the people themselves who highlight the needs of the society,” she said.

Asked whether gay adoptions would create a new family concept, Coleiro Preca insisted that current laws already give gay couples the right to adopt children.

“The only difference is that the process would become more transparent. Having said that, I assure that all decisions will be taken in the interest of the children.”

On the issue of housing, the Minister explained that presently there are over 3,250 outstanding applications for housing. In the coming weeks, the applications will be classified according to their priority and seriousness.

Read more in today's issue of ILLUM.

Ms Coleiro Preca you say that presently there are over 3,250 outstanding applications for housing. Why not do like your past Administration under the MLP(PL for short)did in 1974 and requisition(confiscate)all empty properties, so you can rent to your constituents at a very low rent? It worked for Dom Mintoff and his henchman Lorry Sant, they solved the housing problem really fast and according to statistics right now there are approximately 70,000 empty properties on the islands. You have been in power for over a year now and you are still blaming the previous administration for your administration's incompetence. Maltese people cannot afford the rents being charged by the contractors and developers. What are you going to do with all the illegal immigrants arriving on the Island every year? You cannot keep them in detention camps forever and you are obligated to provide shelter for these people once they leave the detention camps. How can Malta provide shelter for these people if the government cannot even provide enough shelter for their citizens?
At last, a Christian heart. It used to kill me seeing women holding babies, crying at ARMS because they cut off their electricity, due to falling Eur200 behind in payments. Shame on the PN that they reduced the Maltese to this state while engorging them selves on the Public Coffers. They did not even have the decency to help the lowest of the low, despite their alledged Christina Cerdentials. Time for Simon and Co to read a few passages of the Bible. Perhaps they should clich here http://www.openbible.info/topics/helping_the_poor
Excuse my ignorance but I do not think that by reducing utility bills will reduce poverty. It take more than just that.