Kristy Debono to chair this evening’s plenary session

Finally a woman in the Speaker’s chair… albeit temporarily.

This evening's Speaker will be Kristy Debono
This evening's Speaker will be Kristy Debono

Nationalist MP Kristy Debono will be chairing this evening's plenary session as both Speaker Anglu Farrugia and deputy speaker Censu Galea have other commitments that they must attend to.

The government, in agreement with the Opposition, proposed that Debono acts as Speaker for this evening. Needless to say... the proposal was welcomed with open arms from both sides and amid claps of support, Debono made her way to the Speaker's chair.

So far, the Maltese parliament has had only one female Speaker, when Myriam Spiteri Debono was appointed in 1996.

The plenary this evening is discussing amendments to the criminal code to criminalise discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity - a motion put forward by Nationalist MP Claudette Buttigieg.

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Tidher SPEAKER tajba .... anki jekk ma tghid xejn :)
A very good move.. The Hon. Debono has proven herself to be quite the exemplary deputy. Both parties seem proud to have such a candidate within the parliament walls. Well done Hon. Debono. Keep working hard for a better Malta.

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