KNPD in favour of data collection, wants voluntary registration

KNPD’s role in the data collection is still unclear and not yet defined, Joe Camilleri confirmed.

The National Commission for Persons with Disability (KNPD) declared it is in favour of the Government’s decision to introduce a registry with data about disabled persons, but said that enrollment should only be on a voluntary basis.

Earlier this week, Parliamentary Secretary Franco Mercieca announced the government’s intention to introduce a register that will include data about all the persons with disability in Malta, since current statistics are ‘inadequate’.

KNPD chairperson, Joe Camilleri, told sister newspaper ILLUM that this is necessary for the government to plan ahead.

“But we are also recommending that everything follows the legislation of data protection act. The information held should be at the minimum, remains confidential and the person concerned should be notified what the information about him says,” Camilleri said.

The KNPD chairperson welcomed the decision but said he understands possible scepticism about this collection of data.

“That is why we are arguing that registration should be voluntary. However, we have not received sceptic views about this yet.”

KNPD’s role in the data collection is still unclear and not yet defined, Joe Camilleri confirmed.

ILLUM is informed that the registry would include both mental and physical disability.

Read more in today’s issue of ILLUM. 


I think that a separate body should fall within the Mental Health Act and be given the rights to pro-actively mine data seeking patterns of mental illnesses. On the other hand, there is the privacy issue by which the Government of Malta so far has reserved the right - as far as I know - to the Police when undertaking investigations. I would also like to suggest that investigations should be undertaken with 'no presumption of guilt or innocence' it does not always seem to happen across all Police Stations. Is this a money saving procedure? It seems discriminatory to me.