'PBS failing to deliver impartial news' - PN

Secretary general refuses to say whether PBS board members should remain politically nominated by both parties.

PN secretary general Chris Said.
PN secretary general Chris Said.

The state media was failing to deliver impartial news, PN secretary general Chris Said said today.

Addressing a press conference in front of the Broadcasting Authority, Said referred to the incident where Finance Minister Edward Scicluna addressed a committee of the European Parliament and had said that the citizenship scheme had been handled wrongly by the government.

"All local independent media reported it... even inewsmalta.com which is owned by the GWU. But for some reason, the PBS failed to report it," he said.

Said added that PBS's "lack of impartiality" was further shown by its choice to ignored what influential media like the Financial Times had to say against the citizenship scheme, but reported what the Libyan Herald had to say in favour of the government's policy.

PN's spokesperson for communications Francis Zammit Dimech said it was unethical and unacceptable to have the state media covering the government's mistakes.

Asked by MaltaToday whether the PN was suggesting a reform of how the Broadcasting Authority operated, Said said the Opposition was in favour of such discussions to introduce constitutional amendments.

He however refused to say whether board members should remain politically nominated by both parties.

"We have the duty to keep responsible persons accountable. If in the past the PBS was found guilty of lack of impartiality, that was wrong. But it also remains wrong today. What is happening now cannot be justified by yesterday's mistakes," he insisted.

The BA hearing over the PN's complaint will be heard today week.

Now isn't THIS a case of the pan calling the kettle black. By the gods, does the PN really think we have no memories at all? Pathetic is too good a word to describe this group of losers
ha ha ha wicc tost bla limitu ! issa nergawq indahhlu lil LOu bondi jew lil Nornman jew natalino fenech halli jghallmuna kif inkunu imparzjali ! ISTHU JHEKK TAFHU KIF !!!!
Why not propose Natalino Fenech to return to his post as Head of News in order to have impartial news on TVM , Chris ???
They better not mention PBS. We all know how low PBS stooped during the Nationalist administration. They had also implanted ex-NET journalists.