Justice Ministry hails success in 'war on drugs'

Over 2,800 drug trials in seven years

The justice ministry said a total of 40kg of cocaine was seized in drug hauls since 2008.

The ministry issued statistics on all drug hauls from 2008, listing a total 21kg of heroin, 500kg of cannabis, and some 53,000 ecstasy pills caught in stings by the police.

Home Affairs and Justice minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici said the huge quantity of drugs was followed by criminal prosecutions, as evidence by Judge Lawrence Quintano’s sentencing on 2,895 drug trials between 2003 and 2010.

“The war against drugs is not over and going on in a sustained and direct manner. The help of citizens in this battle is important to identify more criminals,” Mifsud Bonnici said.

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Malta is awash with drugs. Occasionally they catch some addict trying to sustain his own vice or some kids having having a party. Maybe we should look closer at the PN's links to drug barons and the presidential pardons before we add more lies to the general mess of incompetence and corruption. And how much of their 'success' was tip offs from foreign police forces or traffickers being apprehended abroad. Every time it becomes overwhelmingly clear that the shit is rising over their nostrils - out comes some dick head or other stating the exact opposite of what is happening and even patting himself on the shoulders!