Muscat eyeing majority of votes in European elections

Prime Minister sets his sight on winning majority of votes, not seats, in forthcoming European Parliament elections.

Mario Farrugia Borg with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.
Mario Farrugia Borg with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Labour has set its sights on winning a majority of votes in the 24 May European elections, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said today.

Speaking during the launch of Labour candidate Mario Farrugia Borg's campaign, Muscat pointed out that in the previous two European Parliament elections, the party in government had come out on the losing end.

Describing Labour for the umpteenth time as the "underdog," Muscat said "our challenge is to become the first party in government to win the majority of votes in a European election."

Interestingly, Muscat has set his sights on retaining a majority of votes in the May elections, but not on retaining the majority of seats.

In the two previous elections, Labour emerged victorious, earning three out of the five seats available. In the last round, Labour elected a sixth MEP after the Lisbon Treaty increased Malta's allocation of seats. Based on the 2009 European Parliament election results, the PN has as good a chance of winning three seats as Labour has of retaining four seats. In 2009, the election result was worked out on five seats, while next year's election will be worked out on six.

In his brief address, Muscat said the major difference between Labour and the Nationalist Party lay in the Opposition's insistence in tarnishing the country's reputation over the controversial citizenship scheme. This contrasted with Labour's belief in a united country, Muscat said, adding that "whatever some may say" Labour was honouring the 'Malta for all' electoral slogan.

Thanking Farrugia Borg for accepting the electoral "challenge" put to him, Muscat described the Muslim convert's candidature as "historic."

Despite facing harsh criticism for his government's hawkish stand on migration, Muscat said that Farrugia Borg's candidature symbolised Labour's readiness to "embrace diversity" and said that in the coming years Malta will change even further.

"This is what differentiates Labour from others. We must not put up any walls, but we must open up and welcome new people while ensuring that the country's identity is strengthened."

On his part, Farrugia Borg underlined his belief in social justice and said that he would do his utmost to place the vulnerable at the top of the European agenda if elected to Brussels.

Describing himself as a social-democrat, Farrugia Borg stressed that he backed Muscat's efforts to attract attention over migration and said "I take pride in his efforts because in a short period he has done much more than his predecessors."

Insisting that he was not a racist or xenophobe, Farrugia Borg added that the EU was "obliged" to help Malta face the challenges posed by migration. "This alone is reason enough to vote for Labour candidates in May," he said.


There is a lot more than migration my friend. 1.Justice delayed is justice denied. Those who suffered for the last 25 + 1 years. 2.Decreasing the income tax for the rich from 35% instead of increasing the tax free for one and all to enjoy. 3.The miserable pensions that some of the pensioners are getting, and the adjustment of the capping. People are losing on their 2/3 pension. 4.We were promised that the new government will remain with his feet on the ground, DID THEY ALL???. No one came to knock on our doors to see if we need anything, this is only done once every 5 years. "Once bitten twice shy". My reasoning is "Ahjar issawwatni Nazzjonalisti mill Laburist, ghaliex is-swat inhossu aktar". Malta Taghna Ilkoll is on the loosing side - there is still time to mend the ways.
If Labour Wants the votes of its traditional support base it had better start acting like a traditional socialist party and work at creating jobs. It must especially work towards creating jobs for people over the age of 50. Many are still looking for work to complete the payments towards their final retirement.
I will definitely vote again labour! !! A victory show again
Musulmani,buddisti,hindus,zaratustrians,protestanti,kristjani baptistiti, agnostici, ateisti u l-Maltin kollha ta liema lewn jew shape huma all welcome aboard!
So we have a Government voted in with an overwhelming majority but seem only willing to Govern for the minority (groups), so is deserving of minority as the majority seems irrelevant. The question is what is the alternative? the opposition, that was willing to let corrupt elements clever enough to cover their tracks so as not bring their bad apples to justice and even dare not to accept responsibility for their actions? , it looks as though even My Honorable President after congratulating our big heart for our generosity towards the needy decided to now condemn us as racists according to the new advert on National TV. So being Maltese translates to just being a cash cow not supporting the common good but just the few who help themselves. Everybody should aim in becoming an NGO, Politics or in the Media sector as that seems to be the only get rich quick schemes going around these days
My vote will not form part of his (hopeful) majority.
Everyday we still struggle with the previous rotten mid-management structure which were placed before the election. Basically we are worse off as they have become more arrogant.