PN calls on Muscat to act fast on unemployment

PN calls on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to take immediate action on unemployment which is nearing the 8,000 mark.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat should stop denying that unemployment is on the rise, and put the issue at the very top its agenda, the Nationalist Party said.

Noting that Malta's trend was going in the opposite direction of EU member states, the PN said that the government "should stop twisting facts in an attempt to conceal the problem and put the worrying increase in unemployment on the very top of the country's agenda."

In a statement issued this afternoon, the PN said the 8% increase "shed more doubts on the government's "ability and will" to create jobs.

Today, the National Statistics Office said that 7,789 persons were registered as unemployed in January, an increase of 552 compared to January 2013.

Noting that the NSO statistics also show a 22% increase in persons who have been unemployed for 12 months or more, the PN said that unemployment "is not a temporary issue but is becoming a structural problem."

Priscilla Darmenia
I bet that the PN will expect the PL in government to create in a few months more jobs than the PN created in 25 years.
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