Another warning for oil trader George Farrugia

Interviewed by Illum, Justice Minsiter Owen Bonnici reiterates that oil trader George Farrugia may risk losing his presidential pardon for his involvement in the oil scandal if he does not divulge all information pertaining to the scandal.

George Farrugia, in the hearing before the PAC (Photo: Ray Attard)
George Farrugia, in the hearing before the PAC (Photo: Ray Attard)

Oil trader George Farrugia, who was given a presidential pardon in turn for information on the Enemelta fuel oil procurement scandal, risks losing his pardon if he contained to "cast doubt" on the information he has supplied to the Public Accounts Committee.

The latest warning comes from Justice Minister Owen Bonnici, who said that he’s suspecting that Farrugia may not be giving all the information needed for MPs sitting on the PAC who are inquiring on the Auditor General's investigation into the purchase of fuel oil by the Enemalta Corporation.

“I think George Farrugia gave important information, but I’m suspecting that he may not have said everything he knows. I’m sure Farrugia is aware that if he does not say everything he knows he would be risking his position, since the hindering of certain facts is enough ground for the revocation of the pardon,” Bonnici told sister newspaper Illum.

Asked whether he’s satisfied with the investigation, the Justice Minister said he preferred if the investigation progressed more swiftly.

“I must make it clear that I’m not after witch-hunts… but yes, I want more progress to be made,” the minister added.

In January, Bonnici had warned Farrugia that he was losing credibility after the oil trader refused to answer several questions, inisting that he had forgotten certain details pertaining to the oil kickbacks.

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