No decision yet on opening dates of new oncology centre

Spokesperson for the health ministry confirms the project is on track. 

The new oncology centre is on track but a decision on when it’s going to start functioning has not yet been reached, a spokesperson for the Health Ministry told newspaper Illum.

This means that it would likely start operating by the end of the year.

“Members of the board are currently meeting on a regular basis to identify the best possible date on when the oncology centre will start welcoming the first patients,” the spokesperson said.

She added that the building was ready from a construction point of view, and that other infrastructural work was being carried out swiftly in order to make the Centre functional in the shortest time possible.

The Centre shall have 82 specialised inpatient oncology beds – an increase of 55 beds over the current complement of 27 beds at the existing Sir Paul Boffa Hospital. The Centre will also have 31 day care beds.

In February, nurses opposed the project saying that the project lacks adequate parking spaces. But the spokesperson said that after negotiations between the respective parties the issue was now resolved. 

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