Malta not involved in anti-terrorism initiatives

The Tripoli airport siege in which rebel militias bombed several aircraft led to the disappearance of several commercial planes, prompting fears of 9/11 style attacks in the Mediterranean.

Malta is not involved in any military exercise undertaken by Mediterranean countries in conjunction with the US Navy to foil 9/11 style attacks in the region.

Reportedly, the air forces of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Malta are participating in an exercise being conducted by US naval forces stationed in the Mediterranean and Italy, in a reaction to security concerns prompted by the Tripoli airport siege.

So far the Office of the Prime Minister has not denied the reports but sources have told MaltaToday that the AFM was not taking part in any joint military exercise.

Moreover, Malta Air Traffic Services Ltd (MATS) chief executive Brig. (retd) Carmel Vassallo, told MaltaToday that the air navigation provider is not participating in any military exercise to counter the possibility of a terrorist attack in the Mediterranean.

Vassallo, a former Armed Forces of Malta commander, confirmed that MATS was not participating in any initiative taken by the 5 + 5 nations. 

However, this does not exclude that other countries are taking part in a counter-terrorism drill and according to a number of reports in the international media, Libya has been excluded from the security drill operations, carried out by the 5 + 5 nations of the Mediterranean, due to the deteriorating security situation in the North African country.

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