Teenager caught red-handed damaging cars in Swieqi

Police alerted by watchful residents, youth arrested

File photo
File photo

A Libyan teenager was arrested by the police after catching him red-handed damaging cars in Swieqi.

The Police were alerted by watchful residents who early this morning, at around 5.30am, saw the 18-year-old student damaging cars in their neighbourhood.

The young man was soon arrested by the police, PC Shaun Axiaq and PC Brian Tonna from the District Police. It was thanks to the help of a resident that the student was apprehended, stone in hand, allegedly ready to break a car’s window.

Officers from the Rapid Intervention Unit were called on site within minutes.

The incident happened in Triq il-Qasam.

Visibly drunk, the teenager immediately let go of the stone when he was ordered to do so by the police. The police found in his possession parts of a window mechanism of a Volkswagen Polo, retrieved after breaking a window.

He was arrested and taken to the police station for further investigations. Police Inspector Trevor Micallef was informed about the case.


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