Teenager found dead in hotel room

No forced entry or foul play suspected, but police still wait for autopsy results on 18-year-old Polish student

Plevna Hotel where the Polish student was found dead. Photo Google
Plevna Hotel where the Polish student was found dead. Photo Google

Isabela Kinga Poniedzialek, an 18-year-old Polish student was this morning found dead in her hotel room in Sliema.

No signs of forced entry or violence were noticed and it seems the teenager died of natural causes, but at this point police are not ruling out anything and will be waiting for the autopsy and toxicology results.

It is believed that Poniedzialek, who has been in Malta for the last three weeks as an exchange student to study in the catering business, was feeling sick in the last few days and was not attending lessons.

This morning when she did not go down to the reception when the transport showed up to pick her from the Plevna Hotel, the group leader went up to see if she was feeling better. When there was no answer at the door, the leader entered the room and was shocked to find the youngster with no sign of life.

District Police, led by Inspector Jonathan Ransley and PS David Sant, were called in started investigating. Magistrate on duty, Dr Claire Stafrace Zammit was also informed and ordered an inquiry.

The autopsy will be perfomed tomorrow at Mater Dei Hospital. Her family has been informed of the sad news. 

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