GWU challenges Simon Busuttil to repeat claims outside parliament

General Workers Union says its work in favour of Enemalta workers is no 'smokescreen'

The General Workers’ Union has challenged PN leader Simon Busuttil to repeat outside parliament the “slanderous" comments about the union during Wednesday’s parliamentary debate on Enemalta’s agreement with Shanghai Electric.

During his speech, Busuttil took umbrage at the union’s 'silence' during the Enemalta-Shanghai agreement, and asked whether the GWU was pocketing something in exchange for its silence.

The Opposition leader also said that even though Enemalta workers were being left in the dark about their job security, the GWU was nowhere to be seen or heard. Conversely, Busuttil asked whether the union was in fact serving the interests of the workers.

However, in a reaction this morning, the GWU took umbrage at the “slanderous” comments, and challenged the PN leader to repeat the claims outside parliament.

In a dig at Busuttil’s comments during last Monday’s Reporter, the union also said its work in favour of Enemalta workers not a “smokescreen.”

“The Union will continue working in the best interest of the workers, and no threat by Busuttil will stop its work.”

“Busuttil should have instead what the future of Enemalta workers would have been if the Nationalist government remained in office,” it said.

The Union also argued, “unlike previous PN governments, there was now a government with whom one could discussions solutions rather than threaten to sack workers.

“Simon Busuttil has forgotten the arrogant manner in which previous Nationalist ministers had treated workers of the Sea Malta, the Malta Shipbuilding and those of Air Malta,” it added.

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