Six Freeport workers in hospital following gas leak

Six Freeport workers hospitalised after complaining of headache, nausea and heart burn

Six Malta Freeport workers were hospitalised following a gas leak this afternoon, the cooperation's CEO Aaron Farrugia said.

Malta Freeport said that around 5:15pm Oiltanking Malta (OTM) received notification from the port’s duty manager that there was the presence of a gas-like odour on Terminal 2 North Quay.

OTM immediately took corrective action by reducing the loading rate for the vessel which was leaking gas and dispatched personnel to evaluate the odour complaint levels.

After confirming a slight odour presence which was corroborated by the attending Malta Freeport Corporation Duty Manager and on the CPD Hazmat unit, all officials in agreed that although there was a minimal odour presence, this was not sufficient to be of any significant health risk to the general public.

As a precautionary measure Malta Freeport Terminals nurse Jesmond Micallef decided to refer six Malta Freeport Terminals workers who were complaining of headache, nausea and heart burn for further checks at Mater Dei Hospital.

This version of events has been endorsed by Malta Freeport Corporation Chief Security Officer Clayton Fiteni and OTM`s CEO Sonke Stein and HSSE&Q Manager Jeffrey Micallef