Simon Busuttil: ‘NAO report proof government facing a corruption crisis’

'NAO report confirms corruption which has now become a trademark of the government' - PN leader

Simon Busuttil said corruption has become Joseph Muscat government's 'trademark' • Photo by Ray Attard
Simon Busuttil said corruption has become Joseph Muscat government's 'trademark' • Photo by Ray Attard
Simon Busuttil addresses the press in Parliament
Simon Busuttil addresses the press in Parliament

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said this evening that the NAO report into the expropriation of businessman Mark Gaffarena's 50% ownership of a Valletta building had vindicated media reports and condemned the actions of Parliamentary Secretary Michael Falzon.

The report proves that the government is facing a corruption crisis, Busuttil claimed, stressing that corruption has “become a trademark under this government” and calling for a criminal investigation into the expropriation.

He added that the NAO report was a huge blow to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's credibility, pointing out that the Government Property Division fell under his direct portfolio. "Unfortunately it is the people who are paying for this corruption – through expensive fuel, wage squeezes, and a rising cost of living. “

"The report deals a severe blow to Joseph Muscat's moral authority and credibility, which is now in freefall. At the end of the day, Muscat was the minister responsible for Michael Falzon and he has his own responsibility to shoulder," he said.

He said that Falzon’s criticism that parts of the audit report “sounded like a speech written by the leader of the Opposition” certified that the PN had got its facts right about the case from the start.

"The report proves that the Opposition was correct about the case from start to finish. Muscat dragged his feet for eight whole months, when it was obvious from the start what action he should have taken. It was only now that he truly had his back against the wall that he begrudgingly accepted Falzon's resignation.”


Busuttil added that the public have “grown frustrated at the continuous series of scandals under Muscat’s government”.

“The people want a new, clean and honest style of politics, which is exactly what the Nationalist Party has to offer them as an alternative government,” he said.

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