Minister urged to come clean on Gozo Channel free passes

Opposition MP Chris Said questions reason behind Gozo minister Anton Refalo's refusal to publish list of people granted free passes to use the Gozo Channel

Opposition MP Chris Said urged Gozo minister Anton Refalo to publish a list on the people who have been granted free passes on the Gozo Channel.

Speaking during his parliamentary adjournment, Said recounted how the previous Nationalist administration had adopted a clear policy and had published the names of the people granted free passes on the Gozo Channel’s website.

“However, the information is no longer on their website, and the Gozo minister [Anton Refalo] has so far refused to answer my parliamentary question on the matter.

“Even when the Times demanded the information through Freedom of Information laws, he still refused to publish the names and simply said that the issuance of free passes is at his full discretion.

“What a clear difference – the PN government had adopted a clear transparent policy on free passes, but it is now at the minister’s discretion.”

The shadow Gozo minister questioned why Refalo is refusing to publish the list, arguing that he should have no problem doing so if he has nothing to hide.

“I am sure that if he were to publish the list, it would raise several questions about why certain people were granted free passes. All this secrecy gives rise to suspicion.”

He also hit out at Refalo for refusing to come clean on how much fuel the Gozo Channel has purchased last year, citing commercial sensitivity.

“The previous administration had published such data, but when asked about this, Refalo simply said that we were wrong to have done so.”

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