Michelle Muscat co-chairs Rare Disease Day awards in Brussels

Muscat chosen to co-chair EURODIS Awards alongside Her Highness Princess Anne de Ligne of Belgium

Michelle Muscat at the EURORDIS
Michelle Muscat at the EURORDIS
Welcoming Princess Astrid of Belgium to the awards
Welcoming Princess Astrid of Belgium to the awards

Michelle Muscat was chosen as committee co-chair of the EURODIS awards in Brussels, celebrating Rare Disease Day and honouring the ground-breaking achievements of pioneers, advocates and all rare disease stakeholders.

The Prime Minister’s wife recently set up a rare disease support group within the Marigold Foundation, a charitable foundation she presides.

Co-Chairing the event alongside Her Highness Princess Anne de Ligne of Belgium, Muscat referred to the launch of the new found National Alliance for Rare Diseases Support in Malta.

 “We brought together the different patients, the different groups of people that in some way or another and independently of each other know what having a rare diseases means. And on a small island state having a rare disease is even more tragic, even more acute, meaning that at most times there are usually only a couple of people going through the same thing taking even longer to diagnose, and most of the time having no hope of cure with very expensive medication available if any,” Muscat said.

“There is also a high level of co-operation between Malta and countries across Europe and beyond. This is a fascinating world of medics, scientists and researchers, and we wish them well as they seek cures and new treatments.  It is also absolutely crucial that in Europe we work together and with other parts of the world too.  In unity comes strength.”

EURORDIS is the voice of people living with a rare disease.  Recognised as the largest European rare disease patient organisation, EURODIS represents nearly 700 rare disease patient organisations in over 60 countries.

Rare Disease Day is an annual, awareness-raising event initiated and coordinated by EURORDIS at the international level and organised by National Alliances of Rare Disease Patient Organisations at the national and local level.  Rare Disease Day is held on the last day of February.

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