In the Press: President employs 40 former Enemalta staff

Stories from today’s national papers

Times of Malta

40 former Enemalta employees form part of President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca’s staff, since last year, the newspaper reports. A spokesman justified the decision by saying additional staff were necessary to fill in spaces left vacant during previous years. The paper reports that the former Enemalta employees are now doing maintenance jobs and gardening in the Presidential palaces.


Giovanni Bonello, Chairman of the investigation being carried out by Allied Group refused to give an answer to the question whether or not the investigation will be extended to Nationalist Vice President, Mario de Marco. The investigation would look into alleged works carried out by Redmap Constructions on his property in 2011. The works were paid off last month, when Allied Group began investigations into alleged bribery by the group's former Managing Director Adrian Hillman.


Simon Busuttil addressed a large crowd in an event being held in Sliema, declaring that the nation yearns for a normal democracy that will not bring shame to the Maltese identity, but one that brings pride. Busuttil explained to the enthusiastic gathering that this is the reason behind his call for a no confidence vote to be held in a marathon 13-hour Parliamentary sitting later today.

The Malta Independent

The results following a survey by the newspaper reveal that about half the respondents believe that the government is corrupt. The survey follows a series of corruption scandals and the government’s willingness to sacrifice transparency regarding Ministers’ contracts, citing commercially sensitive information.