Zrinzo Azzopardi pledges close contact with public as Labour deputy leader

Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi says that getting closer to the people is at the heart of the Labour Party’s work, reiterates stance in favour of gradual rise in minimum wage, ahead of PL extraordinary general conference to elect new deputy leader for party affairs

Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi
Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi

Former PL president Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi has said that the party needs to be closer to the people it represents in order to understand the needs of the general public.

“Now that it’s almost time for the next general election, it’s time for the party to prepare for the coming years,” Zrinzo Azzopardi said in a statement, minutes ahead of the PL extraordinary general conference starting tonight.  He adds that one of the PL’s greatest strengths during the previous general election, was precisely, the Party’s closeness to its people.

Zrinzo Azzopardi is one of the three contenders in the race for Labour’s new deputy leader for party affairs, where over 700 delegates will be asked to vote.

“I will give my time to make sure that the PL remains the strongest political force in the country,” he said, stressing that he would do his best to overcome upcoming challenges.

He went on to pledge that he would be the voice of the delegates, committees and activists, and added that he would continuously listen to their needs and strive to address injustices.

“If I get elected, I will prioritise the needs of the Party, and I truly believe I can be an additional element to make sure that the Party continues to reach the general public, while the government continues to achieve impressive success in the country,” he said.

Zrinzo Azzopardi added that he would work on five priorities, including the structures of the Party and continuous contact with the public, to continue creating new ideas and concepts that would see the country build a stronger future.

“Our next challenge is that of ensuring that the wealth being created right now, trickles down to all members of society,” he said, reiterating his stance in favour of gradually increasing the minimum wage.

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