BirdLife, hunters unite against rave festival in Buskett

BirdLife, hunters warn loud music from Glitch Festival at Chateau Buskett disrupted some 60 black kites from roosting in peace at the Buskett nature reserve 

BirdLife and KSU warned that the Glitch Festival disrupted black kites from roosting in Buskett
BirdLife and KSU warned that the Glitch Festival disrupted black kites from roosting in Buskett

BirdLife Malta and hunters found rare common ground on Wednesday, joining forces to condemn a rave party that is currently being held in Buskett.

BirdLife and the Kaccaturi San Umbertu (KSU) said that the loud music emanating from Chateau Buskett– that had started from as early as 3pm – had disturbed a massive flock of black kites that had come down to roost in the nature reserve. Around 60 black kites had roosted in Buskett on Wednesday afternoon, in what ornithologist Natalino Fenech described as the second largest roosting of such birds in Malta in recorded history.

However, loud music from the Glitch Festival currently taking place at the Chateau Buskett prevented them from roosting in peace.

“This is totally unacceptable, and we condemn the regular rave parties with loud music which are being allowed to take place in Buskett, especially at this sensitive time of year during raptor migration,” BirdLife said in a statement. “Buskett is a Natura 2000 site with money being spent to transform it into an ideal place where biodiversity can thrive. Such events go completely against the spirit of a nature reserve, especially a Natura 200 site. We urge the Environment and Resources Authroity (ERA) to look into this matter at the earliest and we hope that a solution can be found as soon as possible.”

KSU questioned why the Glitch Festival organisers were given a permit at the peak of the migration season and called on the authorities to take immediate steps to protect the nature reserve from disturbance.

The Glitch organisers describe the festival as “an intimate two day adventure with full focus on a diverse, quality line-up – and the best atmosphere and energy on the dance-floor”. Last night’s event featured world-famous French DJ Gesafflstein. It is set to continue later today, with DJs including Ben Klock, Virginia, and Len Faki.

Glitch Festival promises an intimate 2-day adventure with full focus on a diverse quality line-up – and the best