PN proposes Sports Appeals Board for settling disputes on sports nursery transfers

Opposition whip David Agius has written to the Chairman of the parliamentary committee for social affairs, Anthony Agius Decelis asking him to allow the committee to discuss the proposal

Opposition whip David Agius
Opposition whip David Agius

The Opposition is proposing a system, whereby when an issue related to the transfer of children between nurseries arises, channels of communication are opened in a attempt to find a solution within the organization, said David Agius, PN whip. Where this is not possible, he said that a Sports Appeals Board should be set up. This board should be made up of experienced players, with the ability to properly judge the situation and give advice on a way forward.

The opposition is proposing that the board be composed of three individuals, with the power to call witnesses, carry out investigations and appoint experts in the field

Agius has written to Anthony Agius Decelis, Chairman of the parliamentary committee for social affairs, asking him to allow the committee to discuss a proposal being put forward by the opposition, to solve the issue of children being transferred from one nursery to another.

This issue, he said, is important and affects thousands of children enrolled with various sports nurseries, their parents as well as the nurseries themselves.

“It is surely the case that everyone wants to do what is best for our children and their parents, as well as the valuable service provided by the various sports organisations,” said Agius.

He said that children should be treated with the dignity they deserve and that parents and sports organisations, should be partners in the children’s healthy development.

“I am asking the parliamentary committee to discuss this proposal so that stakeholders - players, parents, nurseries, the MFA and other associations – can give their expertise during the course of the discussion,” he said.