Attempts to implicate innocent individuals in Gozo trafficking case – Fenech Adami

He said that anonymous letters had been sent to several MPs with the intention of implicating Parliamentary Secretary Justyne Caruana and Magistrate Grazio Mercieca

Anonymous letters have been sent to several MPs in an attempt to implicate Parliamentary Secretary Justyne Caruana and newly appointed magistrate Grazio Mercieca in a case of alleged political interference in an investigation into drug trafficking in Gozo, according to PN deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami.

In February, MaltaToday revealed that two young Gozitan men were given the opportunity to change a police statement in which they admitted to drug trafficking, following their arrest in 2013. This was made possible by an intervention by two senior government politicians.

Speaking in parliament on Monday night, Fenech Adami said that both Caruana and Mercieca had nothing to do with the case, and that this was an attempt by “certain individuals” to divert attention from those who were truly responsible.

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The letter which was allegedly sent to a number of MPs and presenters
The letter which was allegedly sent to a number of MPs and presenters

“We are living in a situation today where we have people who, to derail an investigation that is currently underway, are trying to turn the spotlight onto Justyne Caruana and Grazio Mercieca,” insisted Fenech Adami. “They do not want to truth to emerge but the opposition will do its utmost to ensure that it does.”

He added that he wanted similar assurances from home affairs minister Carmelo Abela and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, that they will also do everything in their power for the truth to prevail. Fenech Adami stressed that it was unacceptable for people who were “trying to kill” the nation’s youth to be let off the hook by the intervention of government officials.

Furthermore, Fenech Adami accused the government of a “two weights two measures” approach to the inquiry underway. The government, he said, had appointed three former judges to investigate the allegations of political interference in the CapitolOne case, yet it appointed a lawyer and former Labour Party candidate to investigate such a serious case. 

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