Nationalist MEP David Casa eyes PN secretary-general post

The PN MEP, who was equally interested in the post two years ago, has confirmed he wants to run for the post

Nationalist MEP David Casa
Nationalist MEP David Casa

PN MEP David Casa will submit his nomination for the post of secretary-general of the Nationalist Party if he enjoys the backing of the party’s leadership, the Times of Malta reports.

Casa, a long-serving MEP, confirmed with the newspaper that he was interested in the post, adding that he had been approached by several people from within and outside the PN.

“If this is what is required by the party, then I am ready to serve,” Casa, 48, said.

This is not the first time that Casa, an MEP since 2004, has showed interest in the post.

In 2015, Casa had shown interest in the position of PN secretary-general for some time, after it was relinquished by Chris Said. But at the time, PN leader Simon Busuttil was said to prefer having a complete outsider to take over the crucial role.

Eventually, Rosette Thake ran uncontested becoming the first female general secretary getting 70 out of the 74 votes cast by members of the executive committee.

The entire PN leadership is resigning following the crushing defeat of the 3 June general election.

Casa, a founding member of the IVA movement supporting Malta’s EU membership, is head of the Nationalist Party’s delegation at the European Parliament.

The MEP, member of several EP committees, has not shied away from letting his colleagues in the European Parliament know how he feels of the Labour government and taking up matters before the EP.

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