Joseph Muscat’s newcomer on the fourth district is paediatrician Chris Fearne

New candidature on southern constituency ignites interest in hotly-contested Labour district.

Paediatrician Dr Chris Fearne has been officially confirmed as a Labour party candidate on the fourth district, as the party’s ongoing recruitment campaign is hunting for new names to the party list.

Fearne’s candidature was approved during a meeting of the PL executive a month and a half ago.

Sister newspaper Illum reports that Fearne has been seen accompanied by former canvassers of the late Karl Chircop, the Labour MP and doctor who died in 2008.

Fearne will enter the fourth district with some familiar faces, amongst them MP Gino Cauchi, considered to be close to Joseph Muscat, the popular MP Silvio Parnis whose constituency power is based on voluntary services to the elderly and destitute, the young MP Owen Bonnici, and party heavyweight and former deputy leader Charles Mangion.

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