PN leader hopeful Alex Perici Calascione declares financial interests

He is the second out of the four contenders who have published a declaration of assets following Chris Said’s declaration last month

PN leadership hopeful Alex Perici Calascione
PN leadership hopeful Alex Perici Calascione

Nationalist Party leadership contender and party treasurer Alex Perici Calascione has followed Chris Said in publishing a declaration of his financial interests.

“I am continuing my work as a candidate for Nationalist Party leader by publishing a list of all my assets as well as those of my wife, as I have publicly stated in recent days,” he said in a brief statement issued this evening.

Perici Calascione added that both party councillors, as well as Nationalist Party paid-up members should be aware of “such factors”, and that as leader of the party, he would continue to make public, information about his assets, as would be required of him.

According to his declaration, the PN treasurer owns his residence in Lija, as well as 1/6 undivided portion of an apartment in Vincenti Buildings in Valletta, a 1/45 undivided portion of a property in Main Street St Julian’s, a 1/405 undivided portion of a property in Archbishop street in Valletta as well as a 1/15 portion (Acquisition Rent) on a site previously occupied by 191, Victory Street, Senglea.

Perici Calascione and his wife have a combined €51,169.81 deposited in an account held at Bank of Valletta, €632.96 held at HSBC Bank (Malta) and as well as a loan of €102,439.82, also with Bank of Valletta.

The Perici Calasciones also own, 180 ordinary E class shares in J&H Pisani Co. Ltd., €7,000 in bonds with Corinthia Finance Plc, as well as three life insurance policies with MSV Valletta Life Plc, covering €46,587.47 per policy.  

The remaining two candidates have so far refused to publish their assets, with Adrian Delia insisting that he would do so, if and when he is elected leader. 

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