Women’s NGO demands consultation ahead of draft rules for strip clubs

Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations reiterates links between strip clubs and prostitution and demands consultation before drafting of bill

The Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations has called out tourism minister Konrad Mizzi on his claim that no link exists between Malta’s so called ‘gentleman’s clubs’ and prostitution.

The Labour government intends to create some form of regularised framework for Malta’s strip clubs.

But the MCWO has accused the minister of “taking sides” of club owners who have “every interests to maintain this distinction, when in reality this distinction does not exist.”

Chairperson Lorraine Spiteri said the branding of these clubs as “mere adult entertainment venue diverts attention from the fact that these aid the normalisation of prostitution and we should stop calling them gentlemen’s clubs, as there is nothing gentlemanly about them.”

Spiteri said strip clubs were providing an acceptable front to “commercial sex venues”, and said research showed all codes of conduct and rules for such venues had not stopped them being used as a prostitution and trafficking hub.

“The MCWO urges the Government to hold the proposed consultation process with women's groups prior to the drafting of the Bill and not after,” Spiteri said.

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