Alternattiva Demokratika condemns Chiswick House School development

AD says the proposed development of the new Chiswick House School in Pembroke was in conflict with the North Harbours Local Plan

The proposed Chiswick School
The proposed Chiswick School

Alternattiva Demokratika has opposed the development of a new school in Pembroke and insisted the application was in conflict with the North Harbours Local Plan, specifically as local plan policy NHPE 09.

NHPE 09, the party said in a statement, established that an area where the site is under consideration is subject to a Pembroke Development Brief, should address four specific objectives: the non-industrial employment generating uses of national/regional catchment area, leisure uses, a local centre and private sector housing.

AD insisted the application for the Chiswick House School development did not fall under any of the objectives and should therefore be refused immediately.

In addition to that, the party said that any development on the area should conform to the environmental limitation imposed by the EU Habitats Directive, given the proximity to a Natura 2000 protected area.

On Tuesday, Pembroke residents organised a protest, calling on the government to reverse the development. On Saturday, more angry residents interrupted a press conference by PN leadership contender Chris Said and demanded the application be turned down.

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