PN supporters lament having to follow One TV to learn of party decision on Delia

MaltaToday has learned that many PN supporters and members were irate at learning of the party’s decision to ask Adrian to reconsider his leadership bid through Labour media

The PN headquarters in Pieta
The PN headquarters in Pieta

As teleshopping and other inane programming graced Net TV’s late night broadcast on Wednesday, many Nationalist Party supporters were left having to turn to the Labour Party TV station for updates in the ongoing saga that is the PN’s leadership election.

Many PN supporters were frustrated at discovering that – contrary to One – Net did not broadcast live updates and reports as the party’s administrative council decided to ask leadership contender Adrian Delia to reconsider his candidacy.

MaltaToday has learned that many PN supporters were disappointed – to say the least – that the party television station did not broadcasting live updates from outside the headquarters in Pieta yesterday, when the report of the Ethics Committee and the subsequent decision of the Administrative Council were issued.

Instead, they had to learn of the developments through the Labour Party media, which was broadcasting live reports and interviews from outside the PN within a political discussion programme.

“Why did I have to learn of the Council’s decision to ask to Delia to step down from (journalist) Nicole on One TV?” one PN supporter – and member – told MaltaToday. “Why was not (PN TV station) Net not doing the same as One?”

Another PN die-hard said he could not believe that he had to follow a programme on One, with a presenter who is extremely unpopular with PN supporters, to hear Delia speak in a live interview following the publication of the committee report and the council’s decision.

John Caruana, of Fgura, another PN member, said that he was very disappointed by the party leadership, which had clearly taken sides in the election and which was trying to its hardest to stop Delia from succeeding Simon Busuttil.

One TV, at one point, had both Adrian Delia and PN leader Simon Busuttil on a live feed.

Delia even commented that it was ironic that Simon Busuttil had to go on One to say that he believed Delia should reconsider his candidacy in the leadership election.

Many PN supporters appeared to be wondering the same thing.