Busuttil to attend his last PN administrative, executive meetings as leader

The Nationalist Party’s administrative council and the party’s executive are meeting tomorrow evening

Simon Busuttil will be attending his last meetings of the administrative council and the party’s executive as leader of the Nationalist Party amid a leadership election that has exposed rifts and divisions in the party.

PN members will be called on Saturday to choose between Adrian Delia and Chris Said as Busuttil’s successor. But tomorrow evening, the two committees will convene at the Dar Centrali.

The meetings’ agenda is not made public, a spokesperson for the PN said. It is understood that members will be discussing “some details related to the Independence Day festivities” and the “new media schedule”.

The timing of the meetings has been called in to question, taking place just a couple of hours ahead of the final debate between Delia and Said and so close to election day.

 22,000 members are eligible to take part in the election, with approximately 12,500 voting documents having been collected so far. Paid-up members have until tomorrow to collect their vote.

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