Eddie Fenech Adami's son-in-law quits PN citing new leader's 'personality cult'

The son-in-law of former Nationalist Party leader Eddie Fenech Adami has resigned from the PN because of doubts about Adrian Delia's past and the constant attacks on whoever criticised the new leader

Kevin Cassar criticised the PN's 'cult-like' image
Kevin Cassar criticised the PN's 'cult-like' image

Kevin Cassar, the son-in-law of former Nationalist Party leader Eddie Fenech Admai and the brother-in-law of outgoing deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami, took to social media to declare his resignation from the party, which he said had adopted a 'cult-like' image following the elction of Adrian Delia as Simon Busuttil's successor.

Cassar, a surgeon at Mater Dei who was a PN candidate in the last election, published a letter he sent to deputy secretary general Jean Pierre Debono – who was since resigned his seat in Parliament to make way for the new leader Adria Delia – advising him of his decision.

In his letter, Cassar cited the doubts raised about Delia’s past and the allegations against him, noting that “Delia has not convincingly addressed the allegations of a Jersey account, the aim of the account, and where the funds for the account came from.”

He said the most worrying factor was Delia’s talk of fighting hate, which was being used to justify attacks on those who criticise the newly elected leader.

“His discourse against the ‘establishment’ served to incite hate against those who work with honesty and dedication,” Cassar added.

He said the PN had “moved closer to a cult-like situation, where critiques are rebuked with personal attacks.”

Meanwhile, party executive committee member Caroline Galea – also on Facebook – said the leadership election result should be decalred “null and void” after the party electoral commissioner accused Jean Pierre Debono of handling proxies for votes using falsified signatures.