It’s now illegal to down a pint on the streets of Gzira and Victoria

Drinking on the pavement can earn you a €70 fine

'We’ve been waiting for this for a long time', mayor Conrad Borg Manche said
'We’ve been waiting for this for a long time', mayor Conrad Borg Manche said

Drinking alcohol on the streets of Gzira is now an offence as the council vows to "make the streets safer", locality mayor Conrad Borg Manche said.

The new rule that bans alcohol consumption in public spaces became law over the past few days with Borg Manche telling MaltaToday that people were blocking shop entrances and pavements while drinking. Breaching the law comes with a €70 fine.

“It’s unfair that people are being forced to walk on the street because many, who are consuming alcohol outside shops and bars occupy the entire pavement," Borg Manche said.

The mayor announced the new law on a Facebook post, which elicited a mixture of comments, many applauding the move and others critical of its restrictions. The law includes streets, pavements and other open spaces.

When asked what effect this bye-law may have on bars and restaurants with outside seating, Manche said that it need not have any negative effects. If tables and chairs are properly installed outside the establishment, leaving a clear path for passers by they will not fall foul of the new law, Borg Manche said. “We’ve been waiting for this for a long time," he added.

But Gzira will not be the only locality where alcohol consumption in public is banned. Following the Gzira example, a similar law was approved by the Victoria council, which also bans the consumption of any drinks from glass bottles or cups.

What is illegal in Gzira?

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages outdoors
  • Carrying of alcohol in the streets unless container is sealed

What is illegal in Victoria?

  • Consumption of beverages in glass containers outdoors
  • Consumption of alcohol in public places
  • Carrying of alcohol in public places unless container is sealed

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